Title:  The First Date.

Author: Tara Jo

Rating:  Ah.... TV PG.... Maybe a TV G.. I'd really like to be thought of 
               as a non violent person, though. 

Disclaimer:  I don't own any of the characters... I just borrow them. I'd 
                       like to thank Misaki, Morgana, Jennifer K (Jennifer Jo),
                         Dawn, Eliza, Jennifer J., Mindy, Mulder, Scully.. Bly, ok
                        I'm getting sidetracked. I don't want to be sued, that's the bottom
                         line. Thanks again. 
Contact info:  genxlisa@interl.net 

Austin, Texas
Thursday, October 12, 1995 
7:58 P.M.

	Sonya Blade leaned against the sofa and rubbed her eyes. It had been a long day at
Headquarters. It seemed that all she had did on this slow moving Thursday was file
reports and listen to boring summeries on long past cases. And to top it all off, she had to
bring half of the paper work home with her to finish up. 
	"This is not fair." Sonya muttered to herself and began again on the report. But,
she was interrupted by a loud knocking on the door. She sprang to her feet and walked
cauciously to the door. She couldn't think of anyone who would be  visiting her at this
time of night. Sonya looked out the peep-hole and caught her breath. She couldn't believe
it.  She opened the door, worried lines crossing her face. 
	"Johnny Cage?" she asked. "What are you doing here?"
	Jonathan Cage stood outside her door, holding a bottle of wine in one hand and a
bouquet of flowers in the other. Sonya stepped back so he could walk inside. She closed
the door behind him and just looked at him.
	"Hi Sonya." he said, smiling, holding out the objects in his hands. "I thought you
liked Roses. And I thought you liked red wine."
	Sonya took the flowers and wine, while walking toward the kitchen area of her
small apartment. She placed the flowers in water and started to open the bottle of wine.
	"You remembered well, Johnny." she said. "But you didn't answer my question."
	Johnny had already taken a seat on the sofa and was looking through the material
scattered on the coffee table. He glanced up to see Sonya holding out a glass of wine to
him. He took it and drank a little. Sonya sat down on the other end of the couch and
pulled her legs up under her. 
	"You wanna know why I'm here, huh?" Johnny asked, nodding. "What if I told
you that I was in the nieghborhood?"
	Sonya laughed suddenly. Johnny looked startled. It was one of the few times he'd
heard her laugh. "Johnny, you live in Los Angeles, California. Either you got on the
wrong plane or you flunked World Geography."
	Now it was Cage's turn to laugh. He took another sip of wine and smiled. "I guess
I  kinda---I dunno....maybe it's because I needed to see-----"
	"Spit it out, man!!!" Sonya said, staring at him. Johnny squirmed and shrugged off
his leather jacket, throwing it into the nearest chair. 
	"I wanted to see you again." he confessed. Sonya looked puzzled. 
	"What?" she asked. 
	"I wanted to see you again." Johnny repeated. "Sonya, ever since we met, I knew
that we were supposed to be together. I didn't know if we were supposed to be friends or
more than friends, but I do know that I really----"
	Sonya took a sip of wine and continued to stare at him.
	"I really like you, Sonya." Johnny said. "And I really wanted to get to know you
	"Huh?" she wasn't prepared for this. "Like how?"
	"I wanna know what your favorite color is, what your favorite book is, stuff like
that." Johnny explained. Sonya's expression softened and she looked at him.
	"Well....." she started.

an hour later

	"So we're sitting there in the band, looking around for the Mr. B." Sonya said,
laughing. "We can't see him, the drum section, or the first two rows of the band. Finally,
my friends and I suddenly realize we've just gotten lost in Argyle, Iowa. The town with
the population of---"
	"118!" Johnny finished. They both laughed. "I never knew you were in band,
	"Yup, second chair saxophone." Sonya nodded and raised the glass to her lips. "I
can't believe I'm actually telling you this."
	"Well,  I'm glad you are." Johnny smiled as Sonya took another drink. "Now I
know what interests you."
	"Oh boy." Sonya said softly. "I'm scared when my birthday shows up."
	"No telling what you'll get." Johnny chuckled and the laughter trailed off. They
silently reguared each other. "Uh, Sonya, can I ask you something?"
	"If I were to tell you that I needed someone to escourt me to my next Hollywood
premier, what would you say?" 
	"I'd ask who you had in mind." Sonya smiled, blushing a little around her cheek
	"Well, the woman that I have in my mind is a blond, with brown eyes who's
captivated my attention since the first time I ran---she ran into me." 
	Sonya looked at him. 
	"What do you say?"  Johnny asked. Sonya realized that he was moving closer. 
	"I'd say....." Sonya said as she watched his face inch closer toward hers. "What
	Johnny smiled and then he kissed her lightly. Sonya pulled away first and leaned
in for another kiss when there was a knock at the door. 
	"Great." Johnny sighed and retreated into the corner of the sofa. Sonya got up and
looked out the peep hole, frowned and opened the door. 
	"Can I help you?" she asked a teen age pizza delivery boy who was standing
outside her door, holding two pizzas. 
	"Is this 416 Prospect Parkway, Apartment #1013?" the pizza boy asked.
	"Uh-huh." Sonya replied. "But I don't recall ordering any pizza-----"
	"Ma'am, we got a call down at Pizza HutŠ around 7:45 and a woman said that she
would like a one large cheese and one large combo pizza. This was her address." the boy
	"Are you sure you've got the right apartment?" Sonya asked. "There's a friend of
mine that's in Apartment #1310 who orders out every night from Pizza Hut."
	"1310." the boy said. "Hey, that sounds better than 1013. Sorry to trouble you.
	"Bye." Sonya said and shut the door, locking it behind her. "Kids."
	"Yeah." Johnny smiled sleepily. Sonya dropped down on the couch and faced him
again. "Now, where were we?"
	Sonya smiled and laced her arms around his neck.. They leaned in close.....only to
be disrupted by the sound of a ringing phone. 
	"Man......." Sonya growled and reached over to grasp the phone.
	"It's ok." Johnny said. "It might be important."
	Sonya nodded and brought the phone up to her mouth. "Hello?"
	"Hi Sonya!" said a chirpy voice on the other end of the line. 
	"Oh, hi Val." Sonya rolled her eyes. "Something wrong?"
	"Nope." Val said. "I just wanted to talk."
	"I'm kinda busy right now!" Sonya said through clenched teeth. "Could you call
me back, say, tommorrow morning?"
	"You got a date?" Val asked. 
	"In a way. Now hang up." Sonya pleaded. 
	"Fine." Val scoffed.
	"Fine." Sonya retored. 
	"Fine fine fine fine fine!" Val laughed and hung up the phone. Sonya put the
phone back into the charger and turned to Johnny. 
	"Important?" Johnny asked.
	"No." Sonya said. She looked at Johnny and smiled. "I hate interruptions."
	Johnny chuckled and they leaned in again, kissing. Things started to get
interesting when the apartment door swung open. Johnny and Sonya stopped their actions
and froze. There in the doorway, stood eight men with the letters IRS imprinted on their
black bullet proof vests. They were holding semi auto-auto matic machine guns and more
IRS agents were pouring into the room. 
	"Slowly stand up and put your hands behind your head, unterlocking your
fingers." yelled one of the agents as he waved his gun. "NOW!"
	Johnny and Sonya stood up and did as they were told. A group of agents were
heading toward them when a loud voice yelled: "Guys, we're in the wrong apartment! We
want 1012 not 1013!"
	The IRS agents looked around and then sheepishly backed out of the room,
looking embarrassed. Johnny watched them go.
	"Ok, what was that?" Cage asked. 
	"I don't really know." Sonya said. "Johnny, maybe this isn't a good idea."
	Johnny nodded sadly and picked up his leather jacket, shrugging it on. "I guess I'll
be seeing you around."
	"Wait!" Sonya said, springing off the couch. "Before you go, what time is that
Hollywood Premier?"

                       THE END!! 

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